Vasshella Flexible Casing Joint

Developed and patented by Vasshella Subsea Technologies,
the Vasshella Flexible Casing Joint increases the fatigue life time and reduces problems with thermal expansion of the 20" casing on subsea well head systems.

Designed with a HNBR/Stainless steel flex element the bending moment is reduced by a factor of >20. The flex element will be compressed by the weight of the casing and act as a spring during thermal expansion of the 20" casing.

The development, testing and qualification is done by Vasshella Subsea Technologies.


Based on the technology developed for the flexible casing joint, Vasshella Subsea Technologies have designed and built a flexible solution for subsea guide posts. The Vasshella Flexible Guide Post has a capacity of 5 degrees deflection in all directions. Built according to DnV OS-E101 cat II equipment, with an internal bore trough for standard slim line guide wire anchors ( Wepco, Imenco ). Designed for 40kN tension in guide wires, and 15000 Lbs shear pins on guide wire anchors. The Vasshella Flexible Guide Post is patented.
  • Reduces risk of breaking guide posts
  • No lost rig time
  • Also suitable for IMR vessels

Vasshella Flexible Guide Post

Eco friendly in every way

Flexible technology from Vasshella Subsea Technology reduces the risk for negative environmental effects.


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