Vasshella Flexible Guide Post

Based on the technology developed for the flexible casing joint, Vasshella Subsea Technologies has designed and built a flexible solution for subsea guide posts.

Vasshella Flexible Casing Joint

Vasshella Flexible Casing Joint (VFCJ) is securing the integrity of a Subsea Wellhead System. The flexible HNBR / stainless steel element are compressed by the weight of the 20” casing string and acts as a spring during thermal expansionof the casing during drilling. The VFCJ will also reduce the stress variations on the welds below the Well Head. This secures a massive increase in fatigue lifetime. Introduction of VFCJ with standard Well Heads in 36” conductor will eliminate the need for expensive and complex Ridgid Lock Down systems

Flexible Well Head systems and Subsea guiding

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